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Fantaji Muons! Coming June 2016! by Randroid7
Fantaji Muons! Coming June 2016!

    I'm gonna make up for my inactivity by starting off on a new leaf. I plan on refreshing the storylines of Planet Busters, Fantaji Scholars, and StarCraft Sigma via a soft reboot. In other words, I'm only gonna be making changes to the current storylines according to everything that's been cooking in my head over all this time. I'm gonna plant everything outdated in a new folder I recently made. If you want to see the older stuff, feel free to scroll to the bottom of my gallery and open up the folder at the very bottom.

    Now for the better news - I'm gonna transition from my "artwork up top, story below" storymaking style to straight up comics! The main reason for this change is because I felt as though my time in school kept me from getting the time I needed to make my stories. So, I felt that relying more on graphic novels rather than literature would help me craft good stories before they slip outta my mind. The first example of this new plan will come in a new series I'm making called "Fantaji Muons". As many of you can probably tell, Fantaji Muons is greatly inspired off of Bionicle, my favorite fictional franchise.
    Fantaji Muons takes place on the planet Matoras, where younger people are granted freedom greater than that of other known worlds. Some of you probably think there's something odd about that, and there are a lot of people who think the same! To help defend their people from evil, and other crazy people, many of Matoras' Scholars are chosen to become Saino. All Saino work together in teams, but the members of... eh, I think I should stop before I spoil too much. Sorry!

    Anyways, I hope you're all looking forward to my new comics! For once, I plan on sticking to the plan of having it done before the end of this June. :)

-MediaMix1 "Randroid7" 4.8.2016
Hey guys, I'm back! I know my channel's inconsistent, but I'm a busy guy. I try to finish whatever I can, but I can never guarantee a proper release date. On the bright side, I've a special gift for everyone! You'll see it soon enough! :)
My connection's been a whole lot better than before lately, but I'm still adding Ethernet cables to my wishlist. I'm also planning on getting some padding for the cables so that I don't have to worry about them getting in the way of my footing! :)
My internet connection's been shoddy lately. I blame the bad weather, if not the greater amount of bandwidth being taken up by everyone's newer electronics. #INeedEthernet
As usual, my channel's not been very active. I got a new computer for Christmas (Alienware 15R2), but Idk if it's compatible with my printer's scanner yet. If it is, I'll get some artwork and more soon.

I also plan on sharing content from my other channels to help regulate my activity.



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    Have you ever wondered how everyone in the Fictional Multiverse gets around the cosmos? Well, whether you do or not, this update is going to cover those details! Introducing the Cosmic Freeway!

    During the earliest years of the Fictional Multiverse, when the Genesis Masters had only recently forged life, a special "link" was formed that interconnected to every star, planet, moon, and asteroid field that they named the Cosmic Freeway. Knowing that their future peoples would eventually develop numerous means of utilizing the Cosmic Freeway, they developed large portals that would allow others to travel through it and planted them on every world they knew would one day be inhabited with sentient life. These portals, dubbed as "Cosmic Gates", had a circumference large enough to be about half as large as Earth's moon, large enough for entire fleets to use whenever they needed them.
    As for the Cosmic Freeway in general, it could not be safely used by mortals up until the mass production of their largest spacecraft - capital ships. Although there is no probable cause as to why this is so, only capital ships can and always will survive traveling across the stars using the Cosmic Freeway. Many believe it's due to their material build-up, but this is not likely so as their materials are no greater than smaller spacecraft, which have proven to not withstand traveling through the Cosmic Freeway.
    Many more theories have been speculated concerning the mysteries of the Cosmic Freeway, but many of them have been proven true! For instance, the maximum speed, let alone minimum speed, all spacecraft can achieve while traveling through it is equivalent to the speed of light. This fact in mind, it's safe to presume the Genesis Masters planned ahead for this and, in return, placed worlds closely together. This is supported through the fact that the amount of time it takes to travel between Fantaji and one of its two suns via the Cosmic Freeway is 600 seconds, though the Cosmic Gate to said sun is far away from it for obvious reasons. To further support this presumption, the amount of time it takes to travel between one edge of Fantaji's galaxy to the other is 1/2 of a Universal Month (50 days).
    Despite all the combined knowledge of all of the FM's current-day societies, little can provide a rational scientific explanation for the Cosmic Freeway's functionality. Nevertheless, many agree that the Cosmic Freeway should be left a mystery as some of their home's most incredible sites and features are all the more wondrous when their potential is left to the imagination.

    So what's your opinion on the Cosmic Freeway? It sure beats the risk of teleportation if you ask me! Don't be hesitant to share your thoughts in the Comments section!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MediaMix1 "Randroid7" 12.1.2015

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