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Fantaji - Raku's Lore (Part 1 of 2) by Randroid7
Fantaji - Raku's Lore (Part 1 of 2)
Fantaji Lore - Raku Wilson (Part 1 of 2)

Species: Animala (Female; partially mutated)  |  Age: 27 UY  |  Birthdate: 3.20.2230  |  Affiliation: Blaklite (Founder)  |  Occupation: Commander In-Chief of Blaklite (Former Commander of the Conquest's Team Iromine  |  Favorite Color: Red  |  Status: Married (Mother of eight)  |  Homeworld: Fantaji  |  Birthplace: the Great Castle, Capital City

"I don't take risks because of the potential reward. I take risks because I'm brave enough to endure whatever can go wrong and what WILL go wrong. Besides, I always have a backup plan. ALWAYS." - Raku commenting on her tenacious and cunning leadership spirit

    For time untold, civilization has always armed itself with both a will to unite and a will to fight. As time passed and knowledge grew, man eventually found a way to wage bloodless war forever, literally. With the discovery of Zai, the old and deadly weaponry of the past were discarded and destroyed - never to be obtained or used ever again. In turn, the seemingly infinite military powers that reign supreme over their homeworlds adapted to the use of new weapons of war that could fight without the risk of death haunting their hearts.
    The Conquest, a "robot-loving" military faction of the galaxy of Rodina, certainly proves to be no exception. When Zai was discovered in Rodina, its people were the first to revel in their newfound wealth. Their government, known as The Order during their early years, spent much time searching for more Zai, unaware at the time that they could simply grow it like a crop. Few nodes were found and at too much of a cost - workers suffering from lack of sleep, gaping wounds, and diminishing tools and supplies. To compensate for this, the Order had their workers take a well-deserved break and had new robotic worker units replace them until a proper supply of Zai could be found. Like their living masters, the robots found little to no veins of Zai, but even they couldn't help but rejoice at the discovery of its simple and efficient renewability - farming.

    As Zai grew more and more abundant, it came to be integrated into almost every aspect of modern technology, and older and less eco-friendly methods of energy and fuel were discarded. It was later discovered that robots that were powered by Zai seemed lifelike in virtually every way, even sometimes bearing power over various magical arts. The Order used this to create special Zai Power Cores (basically the closest equivalent to a human heart) that allowed robots to "transform" between various forms at their will. A common favorite among the Conquest's soldiers certainly appears to be that of a turret with a shield that doubles as a front stand. However, the robotic armies of the Order are seen to them as much more than electronic machines of war; you may even say they saw them as equals!
    In recent years, the Order had innovated a special process that allowed robotic and living beings to obtain properties of both (i.e Power Cores, Duranium endoskeleton). Dubbed as "Synthesis", this process is performed depending on if the subject is living or robotic. Robots are placed inside a specially designed container, then the container is lowered into a vat of chemical componds that turns their body of metal and circuits into grey skin and blood. Living beings have their limbs amputated, given the "chrome dip", then reattatched. The living subject then has their heart replaced with a Power Core, followed up by pumping a fluid into them that causes their skeleton to turn into Duranium (pronounced "Duh-ran-ee-um"). However, living hosts that have eaten sweets an hour prior to synthesis will fatten up tremendously, as the process has a side-effect that will cause new sugar molecules to fuse together with fat cells and expand. A famous example of the success of Synthesis is Raku Wilson - daughter of queen Victoria Wilson.

    When Raku was a little girl, her family discovered she had the ability to, in Raku's words, "use the Force" (psychokinesis). After she managed to lift her entire birthday cake with her mind, it fell and splattered all over everyone. With her powers now uncovered, it was clear that Raku was a Scholar - people that have control over various forms of energy manipulation, the elements, etc. Once she had reached middle school, Raku eagerly signed up for Rodina's Boarding Academy for the Magically Talented (but many simply refer to it as Rodina Academy). Thanks to her scholarship to the Academy, along with a request by Raku and her mother, Raku underwent Synthesis during her first week of school.
    With one of the FM's best Medibot's performing the operation, Raku's arms and legs were perfectly removed and replaced with bio-mechanical replicas. When Raku had the chemical compund pumped into her body through her mouth, her bones became as strong as Duranium, her heart now started to pump with blood and Zai simultaneously, and... her hips and legs expanded immensely because of her sweet tooth. Many will agree that it was one of the most awkward moments in Raku's life, but she herself thinks it was worth it. Although Raku's newfound morbid obesity made her the target of bullying in the Academy, her self-esteem was strong enough to not only neglect the abuse, but also to further empower her image of herself. No one's quite sure as to why this was so, but Raku's excuse for her tolerance to bullying was although she was fatter than everyone in her school, she was also stronger than them all. In fact, she's right!
    By the time Raku graduated 8th grade, she could bench-press an armored vehicle, outran a speeding school bus multiple times (for obvious reasons), and uprooted a tree (with a volume of 50,000 ft2) by punching it 5 times. After her graduation, she became a powerful leader of the Crimson Order. However, she eventually left the Crimson Order and founded her own robot-loving military faction - Blaklite (misspelling is intentional). Why did she leave, you may ask? Well... let's just say she didn't "quit", and I plan on telling you what happened in Part 2 of Raku's lore! I'm sorry I have to cut it up like this, but this thing would be RIDICULOUSLY long if I didn't. Ttyl! :)

- MediaMix1
    Art, silent gaming, and stories.

This thing's drawing was finished on August 30th, 2016.
This thing's story was finished on September 7th, 2016. (Homework is a curse. :P )
Fantaji - Azul's LORE by Randroid7
Fantaji - Azul's LORE
Fantaji Lore - Cammy "Azul" Caramel

Species: Tayla (Female; mutated)  |  Age: 26 UY  |  Birthdate: 33.76.2231  |  Affiliation: Stellar Heroes (Ko-Mala)  |  Occupation: Warrior; Ko-Mala Deuler  |  Favorite Color: Violet  |  Status: Single (Single mother of two)  |  Homeworld: Fantaji  |  Birthplace:  Rodahlus, Berrus

"When I was a kid, my parents often worried that I wouldn't be able to handle reality - that I was focused too much on my little world. But now, they're worried why I love turning myself into a trampoline for my own little ones." - Azul humoring about her life so far

    The world of Fantaji is home to so many people, an earthling "nation" appeared rather small compared to the numberless kingdoms that maintain its civilization. Like the earthlings, however, the kingdoms were greatly varied in terms of how they live and what they value as either moral, strange, or injust. The kingdom of Berrus in particular is seen by much of the world as "strange", "questionable", and sometimes even "fanatical".
    Berrus' political powers, for example, consists not of a king or queen, but a family that has dictated their homelands in a surprisingly just manner. The food that is made and eaten in Berrus are either "blessed" by using various chemical compounds that they believe are seen as sacred to the Fictional Gods and Godesses, or are literally eggs that are eaten quickly before they hatch - causing the consumer's body to mutate in various ways while also incubating a child. However, if the consumer can't bear young, it'll do absolutely nothing but make them sick to their stomach. Berrus' military are no exception to its way of living.

    Berrus' military forces compose entirely of an ancient tribe known as the Ko-Mala. The Ko-Mala believe that the mortal body of a man is flawed and feeble compared to that of a woman, as they also believe that women retain power from the gods that is sealed away, but can be unlocked through a special ritual that they and their dictating family hold dear and take very seriously. Because of this, it is forbidden for any man to participate in their armies, as they believe that only those that can unlock this power are worthy of representing Berrus. When it came to reality that the men of some species could bear young, they amended this to allow them to join in. Nevertheless, the Ko-Mala is overwhelmingly female-dominant.
    The Ko-Mala's sacred ritual, known as Sacred Descendance, consists of a person that has graduated, is 20 UY old (the legal age of adulthood), and is able to bear young. The person is given, to eat, an egg of a Garelan Fiz, which when consumed immediately hatches due to a chemical reaction. This reaction then causes it to create three artificial uteruses that are connected to the consumer's digestive system.
    The subject's back, belly, and butt all start to expand simultaneously at a very rapid rate as three Garelan infants form inside it. At the same time, their skin turns blue, their blood turns from red to purple (this is sceintifically proven to only be a cosmetic change), their limbs become increasingly nimble, and light blue marks start to form on their skin and hair that are comparable to that of tribal paint. After two minutes, the infants exit the host through a small hole that they create in their bloated back, which surprisingly does no harm to the host. The host's body then returns to normal in shape, but the effects of the ritual remain permanently linked to it.
    Once the process has ended, the graduate gets to decide whether to keep any of their new children or send any of them to an adoption centre anywhere in the Fictional Multiverse. Fortunately, most members of the Ko-Mala plan this ahead of time so that they can raise a family and minimalizing what newborns they must give up. Many of the other kingdoms see this as a forced act that leaves their soldiers no choice but to have a family or toss it away, but many more understand that despite the fact Berrus is dictated, the people do maintain a choice whether or not to choose this path.
    After the subject arrives to their new quarters, they put on new clothes, put their new family to rest the day away, and don their new Flexiton Armor - specialized armor made that would not pop off or be destroyed when the wearer uses their newfound powers granted from the ritual. This includes, but is not limited to, being able to instantly inflate or deflate their body at will. This is done through some DNA from the egg - which dissolved - fusing itself with the host, causing it to create a new system that connects their brain to the 3 sacs created by the process - the Vendetta System.
    When the Vendetta System activates, the brain activates the three Vendetta Valves stored in the three Sacs. This causes the Valves to generate - you guessed it - Vendetta, a chemical fluid that is lighter than air, but heavier than helium. The placement of the Sacs allow the subject's body to inflate in the shape of a perfect sphere, while their arms and legs visually disappear into the sphere. This can be done to the point of the user becoming four times their normal size. The reason behind this is currently unknown, but it is feared that if they could even push that limit, they user would explode. Fortunately, the Vendetta System can never allow this, much like you can't faint from not breathing unless you had tape strapped to your mouth and nose (or something like that). The Sacs cannot be pierced or breached, even with magic or stuff like that, though the reason behind this probably can't be proven traditionally.
    The effects of the ritual also causes the subject's body to limber up to no defined limit, allowing the user to twist and turn their body like as if they were an action figure. The Vendetta System also converts fat into energy, but it's still recommended by supreriors that all volunteers should still exercise prior and post the ritual. Although the Vendetta System, when used, can turn a living being into a "living bouncy ball", the user can also control the System to inflate their body to match a specific size and/or shape, which opens up countless ideas for special clothing made specifically for Ko-Malan soldiers.

    The Caramel family weren't rich compared to other high-class families, and they weren't well-known either. They were nobodies - people that lived their successful lives quietly. None of their successes would be remembered, none of their children were drowning in fame or absurd allowances, they were just a successful family running a successful high-class business. Of course, that didn't mean they weren't busy.
    Despite the efforts of Maine and Mileena Caramel, they found plenty of time to have and raise a family of 4. Their firstborn son Regald was artistic, yet also a bit bossy for all right-wrong reasons. Their second and third children were twins - Gabriel and Gabriella, both of which thought so much alike, you'd think they've a psychic bond, as well as playing mischievously with their friends and siblings. The youngest of their family was a girl named Cammy, who grew up to be a carefree video-gamer with a wild imagination that she bases her goals on.
    Because of Cammy's seemingly obsessive virtual lifestyle, she was able to maintain grades that left her parents both glad and puzzled. Throughout her life, she had many arguments with her parents and eldest brother about how her life could be affected by her addictions. In the end though, despite various struggles that made her question if her parents were right - but not her brother because her brother is NEVER right -, she managed to graduate and signed up to be a Warrior for the Ko-Mala.

    When Cammy underwent Sacred Descendance, she was handed a jumpsuit specially made for the occasion, though only for women. Knowing what the ritual would due to her, she drew a pattern on it that would appear as a blue basketball once she inflated. She knew that they subject keeps the jumpsuit after using it, so she had no shame in the act, yet not all of her observing superiors would smile with her.
    "Alright," Cammy said, "to start things off, I just want to say I'm very hyped for this. I've been planning for this moment since I was in high school and I want to savor every cool little moment of this. Oh, hey, do any of you mind if I record this?" None of the superiors answered, they just stared. Cammy replied, "I'll take that as a "No"?"
    Hanzo Grandheart VI, current leader of the dictating Grandheart family replied. "No. You are allowed to archive the ritual," he then murmured a humorous retort to himself, "It's not like it's illegal or anything."
    "Awesome! Thanks a lot, Master Hanzo," Cammy responded gleefully. She took a bag from the corner of the lair's wall, pulling out a video camera with a stand to go with it. She activated the camera and spoke. "Hi! Uh, well, if you're seeing this, this is my ritual - and a, uh, birth video. But don't worry, it isn't as gross as *that* kind of birth so..."
    One of the superiors interrupted, "Eye! Get on with it already I got a meeting to attend soon!" The officer was then warned not to interrupt again. Feeling some bit embarrassed, he did not argue.
    Cammy shifts her eyes back to the camera, shrugs, and resumes. "Well that escalated quickly! Anywho, I've gotta eat an egg before it hatches. I hope you watch this my daughter - or *daughters* if I get lucky - because this'll be quick and this just may be what you'll do some day!"
    Cammy walks a few steps back as a man with a dark cloak pulls a cart carrying a small container. Another man takes a table from the cart and places it in front of Cammy. The same man then takes the container and puts it on the table, opening it to show a green egg with speckles of blue, violet, and black. Cammy picks up the egg slowly, feeling rather nervous. She opens her mouth wide and swallows the egg whole. Cammy takes a moment to breathe and says, "Wow, tasted like cake!"
    Exactly one second after her comment on its taste, she feels a sharp pain, causing her to bend and put her hands on her navel like as if someone had just punched her belly really hard. Loud noises of gurgling and hissing went off as she felt her body turn numb and black smoke expelled through her mouth like steam. Then, she felt three other pains, one below her breasts, one in the top of her back, and one in her butt. Following the pains, she felt like as if she just had packs of warm water planted inside her! Though Cammy didn't bother to notice, a thrid man - a robot - pulled out a package of diapers from the cart. After all, she is going to be a mother when this is all through.
    Cammy almost loses her balance and shuts her eyes. She takes deep breaths slowly to help ease the pains, but she only got two in before she opened her eyes to the sight of her belly, back, and butt blowing up like balloons, as well as her skin turning from her natural black tone to a deep color of blue. The hissing and gurgling grew louder, to the point Cammy couldn't hear herself think, all while her body began to morph.
    Before Cammy almost lost balance, now she feels as though she's almost glued to the floor. Cammy tried to look down, but she can't even see her feet. Through some sort of immature fascination, she rubs her left hand against her butt. Her bizarre interest in her bloating bottom just leaves her giggling at the sound of sloshing fluids.
    "Goodness! I'm practically a blimp that can't fly," Cammy exclaimed. "Are you sure Vendetta's not made of jelly or something?" The hissing and gurgling grew even louder now. Now Cammy's ears are starting to ring at the sheer intensity of the sound of the three Sacs inflating in her body. She tries to cover them, but it only made it even louder to her, so she kept her ears open and tried to toughen out the sound. Now, the hissing and gurgling was so loud, it echoed across the whole facility. Cammy tries to look down, but she can't anymore. Her body had been inflated so much, she can't move her head because her neck was buried. She can now feel her body touching the ground, like as if she was being magnetized to the ground by the lower half of her body. She tried to move her arms to ask how much longer the process would take via sign language, but to her surprise, she couldn't. Cammy's legs had now disappeared into her gigantic transforming body, and her arms were bloating - unable to move and feeling very, very numb.
    Cammy questioned worriedley, "Guys, how much longer is this supposed to take?" No one responded. The superiors were just quietly conversating like as if it was just a normal day where they got to meet each other. For the first time ever, Cammy was not only worried - she was scared. Her heart started racing as she felt her skin stretching, her suit tightening. She felt like as if she was getting ready to explode! She started to hyperventilate frigtheningly as she felt her feet lift from the ground and her body carry her. She moved her head left and right in panic as she started breathing even faster. As her body started to reach its absolute limit, she let out a painful scream of fear.



    Suddenly, the room went silent. Cammy's body didn't explode. In fact, she had stopped inflating! Cammy's breathing started to slow down and become longer. She opens her left eye. She thought in her head, "Am I alive or am I dead?" Her feet are still levitating above the floor while her body lied on it like a rock. Hanzo let out a hearty laugh out loud.
    "*Now* I see what you did there with your suit." He then asked, "If you planned this all, then why'd were you afraid you were gonna die?"
    Cammy couldn't help but smile and laugh with him. It wasn't just because she liked his humor, but she was overwhelmingly relieved to be alive! As she laughed, tears of joy spilled from her eyes, forming two raindrop-shaped marks under her eyes. Suddenly, she felt her body begin to vibrate. Her heart stopped when she heard the loud noise of gurgling reemerging. She gulps in fear and her smile turns into a face full of fear as panicked thoughts run into her head again.
    "Oh please, no more! I'm ready to cover the whole room with myself! Oh pleasepleasepleaseplease no more! I don't want anyone to see me explode! What if my kids survive and I die like in the movies?! Oh Aria, please don't let me die! I graduated just a week from today! I can't die now! Oh God am I going to explode?!"
    Her body did not inflate more. In fact, it began to deflate! However, as she felt her body began to morph back to its normal state, she felt something moving. The newborns that were created in the sacs that blew her up were about to be born! She let out a continuous series of grunts and yelps as the infant in her back started to pierce her back, forming a hole that it would come out in. The grunts and yelps turned into screams as the other two from her belly and butt moved their way through her body in order to get to her back. While her belly still remained a giant sphere, her butt deflated to allow the infants to fall to the floor from a safe height.

    After what seemed like 5 seconds of sharp pains in her back from three children at once, Cammy yelped in pain at the sound of her skin finally being punctured. The children had been born. The result was three beautiful baby girls. Cammy let out a sigh of relief. She did it! But wait... she felt something else moving inside! There's no way! "There's no possible way," she thought to herself. "There is NO way at all that there's one more kid inside me!" But there was! It made its way up to her back, coming out of the hole made by the three girls. Out of it came three boys. Everyone gasped in disbelief.
    As the rest of Cammy's body began to rapidly deflate to the sound of soft gurgling, commotion could be heard among the crowd. The robot with the diapers, however, did not act surprised in any way. He just did what he was supposed to do - gently clothe the newborns. Unlike normal children, Garelan infants never utilize embilical chords (which also meant they couldn't have belly buttons). Thus, he was able to clothe the newborns no problem.
    Once the children had been clothed, a table came from the floor. A monocular device of some sort popped up from the table, scanning the newborns. The device then appeared surprised, scanning them again before hesitatingly have 6 containers come from the table. The three men carefully take the children to the containers, color coded by their gender. Once the children had been seated, Cammy had fully deflated, with her skin completely turned blue, the tips of her toes and fingers being light blue, and a decal on the top of her hair that resembled a raindrop. She walks slowly to the newborns in disbelief. She didn't plan for this, this was abnormal. What was she supposed to do?

    "Whoa," Cammy said calmly, "I just had *6* kids? ... Th-there's no way!" Hanzo slowly stood up, amazed at not a possible scandal, but at what many would, hands down, consider as a miracle. This woman almost exploded giving birth to not three, but SIX children! No wonder she swelled up more that she should have!
    Cammy turned to the dictator for wisdom. "Master Hanzo, what do I do? I can't handle six kids myself! I... I... I didn't see this coming! Please don't do anything bad! I-I I didn't do anything to make this happen!"
    Hanzo took a deep breath and answered, "Calm down, Ms. Caramel. You've done nothing wrong. Frankly however, I am very unsure of what to do about this. Not even the wisest of men or women could handle singlehandedley rasing a family of six."
    Cammy turned back to the children, "Well... someone's gotta have an idea, right?" No one responded. Cammy asked again with tears of uncertainty running down her face, "Right..?" No one responded. Overwhelmed, she dropped on her knees to the floor and started crying. She was royally screwed. She knew she'd have to give up some of her precious little miracles just to ensure she can keep her job. Watching over three kids while fighting for her kingdom is big enough, but she can't handle six! She just couldn't help it, she didn't even care if the camera was catching it all. Nothing mattered at the moment. It was either them or her and she was traumatized by the very thought.

    Hanzo's wife, Leonna, walked over to him. She put her hand on his shoulder to get his attention. "Han," Leonna said, "I know most women usually just ship their unneeded to an adoption centre, but clearly this woman anticipated to raise a happy family without needing to do that."
    Hanzo replied with concern. "But honey, how else is she going to... to... survive? Even *I* can't raise six children by my own!" Leonna smiled softly, "But you're not. ... Sweetheart, we both know we've tried and realized we can't have a family by ourselves." Hanzo's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Leonna, are you implying we should..."
    Before he could finish his question, a stranger appeared from the halls. It was Cammy's brother Regald. "Master Hanzo," he spoke, "I will raise some of my sister's children in her place if you will it."
    One of the superiors replied, "Who the hell are you?" Cammy slowly lifted her head, surprised to see her brother was apparently in the right place at the right time. She wasn't sure whether to be mad at him for following her - much like he did when she went on dates with cute boys - or to be glad he wants to help her get out of this mess.
    Regald replied, "My name is Regald Caramel. Colonel of Team Gold of the Blacklight foundation. I was asked by Mistress Chief Raku Wilson to attend my sister's ritual because of how special it was for her. I will not lie though, I planned on attending whether if it was with or without her permission. She's my sister and care for her, sir."
    Cammy sniffled, cried a bit more, and smiled. She was touched by her brother's care. Deep inside however, it weirded her out a bit to see Regald throw himself this deep just for her. She couldn't help but thank him.
    Hanzo was silent. He tried to think of something to say, but Leonna decided to talk for him for Cammy's sake. Leonna asked, "May I offer a proposal?" Regald replied, "Yes, Mistress."
    "There are six children here. Cammy wishes that none of them go to any adoption centres and you, Mr. Caramel, wish to take some of hers under your wing. My husband and I have tried to start a family ourselves for the family's namesake. Unfortunately, however, we had found out eventually that I was barren. Therefore, I propose that we each keep two children. This will spare Cammy the pain of a family too large for herself to handle *and* the pain of seeing them shipped off to the stars to be claimed by another family who'd raise them for her, never to live aware of who their true mother was."

    Cammy immediately jumped up, some tears falling from her still tear-drenched face. "It's a deal," she immediately replied. "I know some of these guys are probably gonna be mad at us once they find out about all this... but I don't care. As long as they get to grow up with people I absolutely know I can trust, I'll gladly share them with you. Because I would be damned when I make the gamble of sending these guys to whoever knows where and end up with some of the best or some of the worst people that are alive." The spot on her back that was formed by the birth began to glow, mending itself. In its place came a giant heart colored purple.
    Hanzo, now with a confident look on his face, replied. "Then it's decided. Regald and Cammy will select four of the six children, two each. Whoever is not picked will be raised as our new heirs to the throne." Cammy and Regald took some time deciding which little ones to take. All six were equally adorable and had plenty of potential. However, Cammy's first thing to notice about the children was that there was a boy and girl for each of the two color palettes - blue and purple, black and yellow, and purple and goldenrod. Bingo!
    The two agreed that Regald would take the two that matched the color scheme of Blacklight, though he thought it was silly, and Cammy would take the ones that matched her "new look". When they had made up their minds, two men carefully and slowly took the remaining two to Leonna and Hanzo. The deal was done.

    Exactly six Universal Years later, Cammy had gotten home from a hard day at work. Her Flexiton armor was covered with mud and bits of grass, she smelled of lazer fire, and her hair was soaked. She had to lead Team Violet against an ambush from Team Spectre, one of the most elite groups of soldiers trained by their fierce rivals of the Kagena kingdom. And that's big news because she's not in charge! Her boss got 1-hit k-o'd before the fight even began when he was blasted by a sniper. After a hard fought and well deserved victory, she took a victory lap by going to the store to get some special gifts for her children - Mei and Stanley. It was their birthday after all! Cammy tried to open and close the door as quietly as she could, but Garelan have enhanced hearing - she couldn't surprise them if she tried. Sure enough, they rushed down from their bedroom excited to see what mom got.
    Using some of the natural "ninja" abilities gifted from their Fizz counterparts, they snuck into the living room and behind the sofa nigh completely silently. They shifted from one hiding spot to another so they could keep peeking at what mom brought home. Was it a new tv? Was it a bird? Was it a plane? For all they knew, it could even been a dinosaur! Cammy knew her kids too well. She couldn't hear them, but she was all too certain Mei and Stanley were hiding in the living room. Giving them false hope, she plays along with them and pretends she doesn't even notice them. She even tries to avoid smiling, because it was just such a great temptation to giggle at the two trying to "out-ninja" her again.
    After 15 minutes, she had managed to unload all of her kids' pre-wrapped presents. She then walks into the living room, almost making it to the stairs to Stanley and Mei's bedroom. But once she stepped on the first stair, the two rascals appeared behind her with foam noodles in their hands, ready to strike! She takes her foot off the step and back onto the floor.

    Cammy made a fake evil laugh, saying "The students try to challenge the master again?" Stanley and Mei replied in unison, "We learned much since our last battle Queen Quarton! We has even practiced talking at the same time to prove it!" Cammy walked to the coffee table and took the last foam noodle on the table. She then chuckled before saying, "Actually, I think you got that from your grandpa." Cammy swung at the two with the noodle, making noises like as if it were a lightsaber. Stanley and Mei blocked the attack, then retaliated noodles swinging and mouths gibbering. After battling the two for 30 seconds, she was cornered.
    "We has you now, Queenie," taunted Mei. "Give us the treasure or be defeated by our blades," demanded Stanley. "I'll not be defeated like this," said Cammy. Mei and Stanley took one last swing at Cammy, she then made a fake scream as she pretended to fall down. She then lied on the carpet floor, belly up and tongue sticking out of her mouth.
    The two then softly sat down on their mother's belly, triumphant in victory. Opening an eye, Cammy activates her Vendetta System to instantly inflate, sending Mei and Stanley up into the air! As Garelan, the two naturally had their own Vendetta systems that kicked into gear once airborne. Mei bounced onto the couch and started to literally roll on the floor laughing, whereas Stanley bounced perfectly up and down on Cammy's belly like a trampoline. After they all deflated, Stanley, Mei, and Cammy gave each other a big group hug.

    "Welcome home, mommy," said the two children in unison. Cammy then lifted the two up and said, "Now, I think it's time you two get to see what's in these boxes." Mei excitingly asked first, "Is it a dinosaur?" "Oh, if only if could..." Cammy teased. "Happy birthday, you two. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did." The two excitingly got to the presents and started tearing them open in a typical joyous frenzy. The rest of the day was absolutely wonderful.
    That night, once the two had gone to sleep, Cammy had gone to her bedroom, booted up her Dreambox system, then started a match of Fantaji Champions - her favorite MOBA. She had sound-proofed her bedroom, so she couldn't wake them up if she tried. As she started the queue for Quick Match, she eyed the video camera she used six years ago to film the ritual. A grim thought reminded her that the day Mei and Stanley find out they're not alone will not likely be a pleasant one. It was a secret she can't hold forever, because she knew that the only way three people could keep a secret was if two of them were dead. She's very certain that won't happen any time soon. One thing's for certain, when the day does come that the "twins" find out they're one-third of a family sextuplets, she has hope that this camera will be the one thing that settles the case to rest in peace.

    Now, onto the fields of combat!
"No secret can be held forever, so it's a good idea to savor them while they last." - Cammy "Azul" Caramel

-MediaMix1 8.13.2016
    Alive, rebooted, and ready to roll!
Don't worry. I'm alive. Sorry I wasn't very active this summer. I'm planning on making a total overhaul to my work so far. I need to start everything on a new leaf, but it'll be worth it. :)
Fantaji Muons! Coming June 2016! by Randroid7
Fantaji Muons! Coming June 2016!

    I'm gonna make up for my inactivity by starting off on a new leaf. I plan on refreshing the storylines of Planet Busters, Fantaji Scholars, and StarCraft Sigma via a soft reboot. In other words, I'm only gonna be making changes to the current storylines according to everything that's been cooking in my head over all this time. I'm gonna plant everything outdated in a new folder I recently made. If you want to see the older stuff, feel free to scroll to the bottom of my gallery and open up the folder at the very bottom.

    Now for the better news - I'm gonna transition from my "artwork up top, story below" storymaking style to straight up comics! The main reason for this change is because I felt as though my time in school kept me from getting the time I needed to make my stories. So, I felt that relying more on graphic novels rather than literature would help me craft good stories before they slip outta my mind. The first example of this new plan will come in a new series I'm making called "Fantaji Muons". As many of you can probably tell, Fantaji Muons is greatly inspired off of Bionicle, my favorite fictional franchise.
    Fantaji Muons takes place on the planet Matoras, where younger people are granted freedom greater than that of other known worlds. Some of you probably think there's something odd about that, and there are a lot of people who think the same! To help defend their people from evil, and other crazy people, many of Matoras' Scholars are chosen to become Saino. All Saino work together in teams, but the members of... eh, I think I should stop before I spoil too much. Sorry!

    Anyways, I hope you're all looking forward to my new comics! For once, I plan on sticking to the plan of having it done before the end of this June. :)

-MediaMix1 "Randroid7" 4.8.2016
Hey guys, I'm back! I know my channel's inconsistent, but I'm a busy guy. I try to finish whatever I can, but I can never guarantee a proper release date. On the bright side, I've a special gift for everyone! You'll see it soon enough! :)



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    Have you ever wondered how everyone in the Fictional Multiverse gets around the cosmos? Well, whether you do or not, this update is going to cover those details! Introducing the Cosmic Freeway!

    During the earliest years of the Fictional Multiverse, when the Genesis Masters had only recently forged life, a special "link" was formed that interconnected to every star, planet, moon, and asteroid field that they named the Cosmic Freeway. Knowing that their future peoples would eventually develop numerous means of utilizing the Cosmic Freeway, they developed large portals that would allow others to travel through it and planted them on every world they knew would one day be inhabited with sentient life. These portals, dubbed as "Cosmic Gates", had a circumference large enough to be about half as large as Earth's moon, large enough for entire fleets to use whenever they needed them.
    As for the Cosmic Freeway in general, it could not be safely used by mortals up until the mass production of their largest spacecraft - capital ships. Although there is no probable cause as to why this is so, only capital ships can and always will survive traveling across the stars using the Cosmic Freeway. Many believe it's due to their material build-up, but this is not likely so as their materials are no greater than smaller spacecraft, which have proven to not withstand traveling through the Cosmic Freeway.
    Many more theories have been speculated concerning the mysteries of the Cosmic Freeway, but many of them have been proven true! For instance, the maximum speed, let alone minimum speed, all spacecraft can achieve while traveling through it is equivalent to the speed of light. This fact in mind, it's safe to presume the Genesis Masters planned ahead for this and, in return, placed worlds closely together. This is supported through the fact that the amount of time it takes to travel between Fantaji and one of its two suns via the Cosmic Freeway is 600 seconds, though the Cosmic Gate to said sun is far away from it for obvious reasons. To further support this presumption, the amount of time it takes to travel between one edge of Fantaji's galaxy to the other is 1/2 of a Universal Month (50 days).
    Despite all the combined knowledge of all of the FM's current-day societies, little can provide a rational scientific explanation for the Cosmic Freeway's functionality. Nevertheless, many agree that the Cosmic Freeway should be left a mystery as some of their home's most incredible sites and features are all the more wondrous when their potential is left to the imagination.

    So what's your opinion on the Cosmic Freeway? It sure beats the risk of teleportation if you ask me! Don't be hesitant to share your thoughts in the Comments section!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MediaMix1 "Randroid7" 12.1.2015

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